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We are a full service production company serving Chicago as well as a nationwide client base.



  • Single-multi-camera shoots

  • Directing on-camera talent

  • Interviews

  • Training Videos

  • B-roll footage

  • Lighting Design 

  • HD - 4K


  • Documentary style narrative

  • On point messaging

  • Impactful interviews

  • Inspire and uplift audiences 

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video editing

  • Compelling story design

  • Motion Graphics

  • Text, Music, Stills

  • Use of existing archives


  • Review rough cut online

  • 3-4 revisions

  • Final approval online

  • Delivery to high rez format

  • 3 week to 1.5 month delivery


Training Videos

​Think  training videos are boring? Think again. With dynamic graphics and a shortened format training videos can become as useful as podcasts. Stream on your phone while you are on the go. Learn when and where you want to. Hype Media produced a many series of dynamic training videos.  Let us know if you need more info!


As Hype Media grows as a company we have set our sights on producing short to full length documentaries. We have created a sister company called Noble Street Films to work on documentaries. 


Our first documentary film A Head Full of Doubt was released in February 2017.  Moving forward in the next 5 years Hype Media plans to expand to long form documentary projects. These type of projects range from 30 mins and longer for broadcast, cable, on demand and beyond. 


A Head full of Doubt-A Documentary

2008 was a violent year in Chicago. High murder rates, escalating gang activity and low graduation rates.  This set the stage for what is best described as a city's tipping point. What followed was years of national attention highlighting Chicago as the countries murder capital. Enter Tony DiVittorio, a high school counselor on Chicago’s west side. Tony began noticing a change in behavior of his male students. Many were disciplined for classroom outbursts, fighting, truancy and a multitude of anger issues. Furthermore, on Chicago’s south and west sides a large percentage of males grow up without fathers or positive male role models in their life. With this in mind Tony set out to lead a generation of youth by creating a male character development program called B.A.M. (Becoming A Man). His goal was to build men of integrity by focusing on core values like respect, responsibility and self-determination. In 2008 filmmaker Jason Weisner began documenting the B.A.M. Program. Jason followed the program for 7 years, one filmmaker, one camera. What emerged was an inspirational documentary about a generation of youth who are desperately searching for someone to believe in them. The documentary showcases the beauty that comes from mentoring youth in a city that needs it most.  A Head Full of Doubt is a gritty little film with a lot of heart and important social mission.

Looking to Produce A Documentary?

Do you have an idea for a Documentary? As a full service production company Hype Media can produce any small to large scale projects. With experience in full length feature film, 25 plus man/woman crew, to one on one sit down interviews. Our company is very mobile, we travel light and can accomplish most projects with just a minimal crew.  With very little overhead, this allows for a more flexible budget that will be within your price point. Contact Jason today at

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